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Alfarroba - About Chocolate, Gold And Cola

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Sunday, August 28, 2011, In : food and recipes 

The carob tree or St. John´s bread tree, is typical for the Algarve.  In Portuguese the tree is called Alfarrobeira and the fruit of this tree is called Alfarroba (al-harruba in Arabic).
The carob tree is a member of the legume (pea) family. It is a large tree and grows to 15m in 50 years. It produces no fruit for the first 15 years of its life, but will fruit well into its old age. A large tree can produce one ton of beans in one harvest.  Contrary to the orange trees, carob tree...

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Ugly But Highly Appreciated

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Saturday, August 27, 2011, In : way of life 

This chick was not caught by a dog or cat and it is not sick either, nor is it a kind of turkey.  No, this young hen is a true breed with an impressive French name:  Cou-Nu, meaning "naked neck", which is exactly what they have. 

These kind of chicken can be found at many farms in the serra.  Originally this breed comes from France and has a reputation of being hardy.  They are great for breeding because they are excellent mums, but they are also appreciated for their high quality and tasty me...
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Yesterdays Motorcycles Still Running Strong

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Saturday, August 27, 2011, In : way of life 

Who needs a new one, when these old beauties still perform so well?  

Yesterdays motorcycles still run well here in the countryside of the rural Algarve.  Plenty of people are the proud owner of an antique bike, sometimes pasted together from several other motorbikes.  They are easily maintained, can be repaired by themselves and are a perfect means of transportation.  If you pay attention you can spot some special ones.



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Festas de Verão - São Marcos da Serra - 13, 14 & 15 August 2011

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, In : festivals and fairs 

The Serrano Futebol Clube hosts the Festas de Verão (Summer Party) near the football stadium in São Marcos da Serra on August 13, 14 and 15.

In the evening there will be live music and dancing, Bifanas and Chicken BBQ.  You can make reservations for a table for €5 each at the Serrano Futebol Clube in the village.


13 August:
17.00 Football tournament
21.00 opening of the fair
21.30 dancing - music by the Irmãos Cabanas
00.00 music and dance with the Grupo Marvilhas do Alentejo

14 Augus...
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