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Full Moon In The Serra

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Monday, January 28, 2013 Under: personal


Normally we live a quite "natural" life, speaking about getting up and going to bed. We more or less rise with the sun and go to sleep early after the big light has gone. But there are exceptions, occasions and special events that make us stay up late.....

Last night was one of these nights. With the full moon rising over the serra, we decided to go to São Marcos da Serra for a drink and some chocolate from the gambling machine in one of the local café´s. At the same time, we would use this 8 km trip on the dust road (now more of a mud road) to fill up our empty water bottles at the fonte, thus making the trip worth the diesel.

So when we arrived at the café we found all the local men watching a football match on TV and I found out I forgot to bring my purse. "No problem" the lady at the bar said, "you pay next time". Wow, I love our village! Where else would this be still possible? I did not dare to ask for money for the chocolate gambling machine though, so we settled for a beer and a martini.

Afterwards we filled up all our water bottles and put on some of our favourite music for the road. Slowly, very slowly, we drove the dirt road back to our little farmhouse, carefully avoiding frogs on the road, and for eight kilometres enjoyed the serra bathing in the light of the first full moon of the year, meanwhile listening to Supertramp, then Jackson Brown´s Stay (long version) and arriving at the house with Gladys Knight´s beautiful voice singing Help me make it through the night.  Hmmmmmm, it are days like this that makes you feel so blessed to live here in this beautiful piece of earth.

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