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Some Like It Hot! Piri Piri - The African Devil

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, In : food and recipes 

Thanks to Columbus you can now enjoy the famous chicken piri piri here in the Algarve. He was the one that brought this fiery pepper from South America to Europe and the Portuguese then took it with them to Mozambique and Angola, where it became an important fruit to the natives as well as Portuguese. 

Piri Piri is Swahili for "pepper pepper", but this cultivar of Capsicum frutescens is also know as peri peri, African birdseye Chili, or African Devil. It is a...
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Ugly But Highly Appreciated

Posted by Marianne Hoesen on Saturday, August 27, 2011, In : way of life 

This chick was not caught by a dog or cat and it is not sick either, nor is it a kind of turkey.  No, this young hen is a true breed with an impressive French name:  Cou-Nu, meaning "naked neck", which is exactly what they have. 

These kind of chicken can be found at many farms in the serra.  Originally this breed comes from France and has a reputation of being hardy.  They are great for breeding because they are excellent mums, but they are also appreciated for their high quality and tasty me...
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